The guy behind He Likes It

My name is Mikey and I'm the man behind He Likes It (get it?) 

Before starting He Likes It, I worked as a Digital Project Manager at an advertising agency in NYC. The grind of the city had me in a unhealthy rhythm where money and stress had the wheel. The standard 60-hour weeks and self-imposed deadlines came to a halt when the agency unexpectedly closed it's doors.

I was dumbfounded, had never not been working since I was 13. It was during this much needed reflective, and challenging period that I came to the conclusion that...

Money is a means, not an end.

I was making a nearly six-figure salary and was happy-ish, and couldn't figure out what was missing. Everyone has to work, but when you're not working you should be enjoying what you love. 

You need to work hard, play harder, laugh, travel, turn off your email and notifications, go off-the-grid, sit in nature and enjoy the company of friends and family.

Politics don't live here, we are about supporting sustainable, creative ideas, and nurturing inspiration and exploration.


The web IS broken...

Browsing the internet in today's world means being hit with sponsored posts, stalker-like retargeting, unsolicited advertising takeovers, and an endless supply of bait and switch. 

As a former interactive producer, I wanted to create a platform for the people and less about shoving advertisements down your throat. Understandably this is an important revenue stream for most publishing houses and blogs - we think about it different. 

I post what I like, and like what I share.

How we make money: If I write about something that I like and it has a link I may make a small commission. My promise to my readers is that I won't spam you, sell you stuff I don't use, nor will I ever bombard your screen with advertising.


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