The 6 Best Fit-Tech Gifts for Him

Fit-Tech Gifts for Him

We all know that guy who waits in line for hours to get the newest phone, the newest TV, or the newest tech crazed gadget. This gift buying guide will be a perfect mash up for the fitness buff and the tech junky in your life. Be prepared, these gifts are really cool!

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When all else fails, jump ropes are every fitness experts go-to gym equipment. Jumping rope is a great cardio workout that incorporates both lower and upper body, which only few cardio exercises do. Jumping rope also quickly elevates the heart rate and helps burn fat all while building your endurance and cardiovascular health. Smart Rope by Tangram Factory has created their spin on the basic no frills jump rope. Smart Rope will count your jumps, amount of calories burned, and your workout duration. The Smart Rope has capabilities to sync to the SMART GYM app, which will also help elevate your fitness level. I really like this product because you can throw it in your suitcase while traveling, and have no excuse not to work out while on the road

#2, Tickr X (Heart Rate Monitor) by Wahoo

There are a bunch of these on the market, but Wahoo does a great job of capturing the most vital information through accurate readings. Wahoo’s Tickr X will monitor both motion and intensity to calculate the whole workout. On top of the basic calorie’s burned and heart rate monitor, Tickr X also tracks rep counting! Connect the Tickr X to your fitness (connects with most apps available) to track all of your workouts and to meet your fitness goals!

#3, Athlete Recovery Sleepwear by Under Armour

This is for your fitness buff who works out a lot and is always on the go, and the only time you can catch him is when he’s resting or sleeping. Under Armour uses a technology called Far Infrared, this energy contains several benefits for the body.  The technology is on the inside of the pajamas so your body can naturally absorb the garment’s Far Infrared. Under Armour states that the sleepwear will help your body recover quicker, sleep easier, and reduce inflammation (muscle recovery), and even regulate cell metabolism.  You can even read more on the NIH’s study on Far Infrared energy on recovery here:

This is an awesome product for someone who is trying to work on the diet portion of their fitness level, and to really help guide them into better eating habits. Experts have always stressed that eating slower has many greater benefits than eating at a speedy pace. Eating slower promotes digestion, less gastric reflux, and most importantly less servings being consumed. HAPIfork is an electronic fork that focuses on your eating habits. HAPIfork states that the fork will monitor your meal time, servings in that meal, and the interval time between servings. Now if that isn’t cool enough and you’re looking for a quick fix. HAPIfork has indicator lights and vibrators built into the HAPIfork to alert you when you are eating too fast.

#5, Babolat Play by Babolat

After years of coaching and training this is by far my favorite fit-tech product to hit the tennis world. The Babolat Play will help a beginner player establish where the ball is being struck on their racquet as well as capturing their endurance and duration of play during a match or hitting session. This racquet will also help intermediate/advance players focus on how fast they can serve, the power being generated on their groundstrokes, and the length of rallies. This is a great product for all levels of tennis play. Babolat has created this technology for three types of their best selling racquets: Pure Drive, Pure Drive Lite, and Pure Aero. Give it a swing, it won’t disappoint!

#6, Vyper by Hyperice

Foam rolling is wonderful for reducing muscle soreness and helping speed up muscle recovery. Foam rolling can be done before or after a tough work out to loosen up the muscles and prepare the body for what is a head or help relax the stiffness post workout. Vyper by Hyperice is not an ordinary foam roller, the Vyper comes equipped with 3 speed settings for its vibration technology to add to your speedy recovery or stretch. Check out Hyperice’s website for some other cool fit-tech products that also focus on muscle recovery.