Final Credit Card Review: More Control, Less Stress

Why I love this credit card.

Final is a no-thrills credit card with no annual fee, and 1% rewards regardless of what the spend category is. Sure, there are a million other credit cards out there that offer 2-5% rewards on certain categories, this card isn't meant for travel hacking or rewards building. Final is built to protect the consumer from security breaches, hackers, and unruly merchants who try and force you into long-term subscriptions. This should be your everyday card for any and all internet purchases.

Scenario 1: X major company is hacked (see ex: Target, Sony, Home Depot, Arby's, Trump Hotels) - their supposedly "secure" systems have been compromised and you have no recourse but to call your credit card company to cancel the card and attempt to monitor all past / pending charges. Who knows if your cc number is now somewhere circulating on the dark web, just waiting for someone to try and buy multiple iPads from Hasn't happened to you yet? I've had my credit card compromised 4 times in the past 3 years.

With Final, by creating a one-time use card number it will NEVER be active again and no further charges will go through. Additionally, Final allows you to create merchant specific virtual numbers so you can control which companies are authorized to charge. 

Scenario 2: You sign up for a new subscription service that says cancellation is easy. When time comes to cancel the trial, there is no phone number, limited hours, or an email form to cancel that seemingly goes nowhere. In this situation all you needed to do is generate a one-time use virtual number, done in two taps, and no secondary charges will come through.

No more stress about being unable to cancel or disputing repeat charges. The control is back in the consumers hands and away from companies with shady recurring billing practices. I've setup unique card numbers for my monthly charges including Netflix, Classpass, Time Warner and Lyft. If any of their systems are breached or I want to cancel payment all I have to do is open the app and cancel the card. 

Virtual cards are no stranger to the finance world. Citi Bank does it, Paypal had it, but the difference is that Final is built with it as core functionality, not an after thought. They do it better, prettier and easier.

Another great thing about Final is that upon approval, you're ready to use to it! You don't have to wait for the physical card to arrive, you can create and manage the virtual cards directly within the iOS or Android app.


  • Simple 1% cash back
  • No Annual Fee
  • Easily generate + copy / paste unlimited virtual card numbers
  • US Based Support (Oakland, CA)


  • Physical card is limited to 1 number
  • APR is average (18.75%) so not the best card if you carry a balance

"Final" Thoughts: 

This card is for anyone who regularly makes online purchases and wants to have extra security and flexibility. If you're interested in racking up miles + points, look elsewhere. While this isn't and never will be the only card in my wallet it's a welcome addition for fraud protection, security, and peace of mind. Well done Final!