What's Next: Book of the Month Club


What was once the default method of passing time has seemingly been pushed aside by the abundance of screens, 4K and smartphones.

"Books are dying, no more reading, people are consumed by their devices."

The impending doom for paper books felt so real back in 2010. The Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, and Apps were taking over the world and Borders was about to close it's doors.

Fast track to current day, Books are just as alive as they were when the printing press came to be. I'm a technophile in every right but some things in life are just better in their original form factor. An 80+ year old "startup", Book of the Month, is fully embracing both tech & analog and blending them seamlessly together into a monthly subscription service. 

The Service

Book of the Month selects 5 books at the start of every month and you get to pick 1 hardcover title - it's typically an eclectic mix of genres from mystery to comedy, but always crowd pleasers. Every subscription includes 1 hardcover book, free shipping and usually some reader swag. Recent months the extras have been their branded tote bag, coloring books, to this month - a light blue luggage tag.

Regardless of when you sign up, you can always browse past months selections and if you'd like to read an extra book you can add it for $9.99.


Sign Up Process

You pick your plan, they come in increments of 3 months ($14.99), 6 months ($13.99), 12 months ($11.99). You have full control over your membership and can easily hold / cancel. Don't like this months curated options? Skip it!


Social Community

They've activated a social community with #bookofthemonth#wheredoyouBOTM among other campaigns and have grown their readership rapidly over the past year. They are embracing the community nature of book clubs and applying it to current day with online discussion forums, data / ratings from other members, and FOMO inducing instagram shots.

All in all, I've been a BOTM member for the past 3 months and really enjoyed the selection and community vibes. They've created a platform that is fun to browse, easy to use, and has UX top of mind. Turn off Netflix, it's time to make binge reading a thing. :-)