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After spending nearly a decade in industries from tech, advertising, and branding I made the move to freelance, and haven't looked back since. I've focused on partnering with small-to-medium sized businesses to build products & improve their digital touch points.

I've built and managed websites for a number of brands including: Flag & Anthem, Clean Beauty, Standard Dose, and the political campaign for Marianne Williamson 2020. I specialize in building websites, custom eComm shops, and iOS apps.

The foundation to a true partnership is empathizing with the pain-points an organization may face, and I come to the table with a wealth of knowledge from first-hand experience. When we do encounter a challenge my default is, "let's make it work" rather than "no".

I'm a graduate of the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy. The curriculum for the 10-month intensive program focused around design principles, best practices, and the technical skills needed to become a world class developer.

If you're looking for an ally for your business and want to build something beautiful, reach out here and let's make it happen.

Mikey T. Krieger

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Projects don't need to be bloated with a team of 20 and ever-increasing budgets. If you're looking to build something (and fast) - message me and let's make it happen.

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