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InfraHack UK

Designed + built an interactive dashboard for city planners to monitor, plan, and build out electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK.

Hack Zurich

Built custom app for Pepper the Robot to teach users how to speak Italian. Gestures included.

CognitiveHack Milan

Created an iOS app called OKWatson, integrating the power of Watson Assistant with Voice.

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Turing's Cathedral

A good cover and great title can convince even the most particular of readers and this one got me. Turing's Cathedral explores how WWII impacted the current digital landscape and where it's going from here. The cover is a reference to what used to be the norm for computer programming, Punch Cards, holes were punched either by man or machine giving the computer explicit instructions...and you thought swipe gestures could get confusing!
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Tesla Model 3 White


The Tesla Model 3 is simply the best purchase we've ever made. No Oil Changes. Low Maintenance. Zero Emissions. If you want to learn more, ask me anything.


Saved on fuel since June 2019

Lights, Camera, Action

Open Kitchen with Andrew

If a photo is worth 1,000 words, then these videos are an autobiography of our love for food. Birthed from the time my husband & I spent during quarantine, we launched a cooking show on YouTube called, Open Kitchen with Andrew. We aim to create accessible content to amateur cooks and professionals alike with a little spice 🌶

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